Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Hangover

I was talking to my Mommy friend this morning, and she said, "I am so wiped out from this Halloween weekend, I feel like I have a hangover - I woke this morning and didn't know where my wallet was, or where my phone had ended up. My house is trashed and my voice is all hoarse."

The Halloween Hangover. I've got it bad. Pounding head. Ravaged by fatigue. Having Halloween on a Sunday added up to a 72-hour Halloweenapolooza. If I see one more jack-o-lantern, I may very well be sick. But I will say, I got a big kick out of seeing my kids in full regalia on Sunday:

Sec was so evil as the Snow White Stepmother that your blood ran cold when she gave you her patented icy stare, with those blood-red lips pursed. And Primo was a stone-cold freaky zombie. Every time he said "Trick or Treat" he'd do a quick show of shooting himself with his peashooter, complete with zombie wails or agony -- thus giving those people thier Almond-Joy's worth of entertainment. Final analysis: despite Halloween overkill, it was pretty damn fun. Thank God I don't have to do it for another 365 days.