Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mothers on the edge

Since there's no reason to stop celebrating Mother's Day just because its over, I went to the 3rd Annual Edgy Moms Reading on Thursday. Brooklyn isn't just the bloggiest place around, its also got the most kick-ass writers who just happen to be moms, per capita. Had a few glasses of white and thoroughly enjoyed the reading, especially Michele Madigan-Somerville's M.I.L.F poem, which used SAT words that I haven't heard since I quizzed myself with flash cards on the Staten Island Ferry, but sprinkled them with enough sizzle to make a highschooler blush. Amy Sohn's piece, an excerpt from her forthcoming book Prospect Park West, was another hilarious highlight. Nothing says funny like celebs shopping at the Coop. All in all, a fun, uplifting night with plenty of fellow feeling.