Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Little Things

Yesterday it was as if my daughter was on Ecstasy. She kept pointing out the very obvious with extreme wonder and joy. Of course, it could be that she's just a kid.

"This water is too hot!" Sec shrieked while washing her hands in the morning. One advantage of our house being so small is that I can basically reach anything in it from where I'm sitting, particularly in the bathroom, in which the toilet, sink and bathtub are all touching. So I leaned over from inside the shower and turned the faucet towards cold.

"Oh that's MUCH better!" she gushed, "How did you DO that?"

"Well," I explained, I just turned it in the direction of cold."

"You mean, if you turn it in one direction, the water gets hot and if you turn it in the other direction the water gets cold?" she re-iterated.


"That is SO COOL!"

"I agree," I told her.

Then I heard her run into the living room and reveal this new discovery to her brother.

"Primo, did you know that if you turn the knob in the sink one way, the water gets hot and if you turn it the other way, the water gets cold?"

"YES I KNEW THAT!" Primo yelled with extreme exasperation.

"How did you know? Was it because you did it before?"

"Yes, I did it before!" he exclaimed.

That satisfied her.

Since I serve that kid breakfast, I know no one's slipping anything in her Cheerios. Though I may try having some of those CHeerios for breakfast tomorrow, just as an experiment.