Monday, July 2, 2012

"Don't you think its a little weird?"

Since school's out and we haven't taken a trip since I was in my second trimester of pregnancy, we decided to take a last-inute trip to Tennessee. Put an end to the post partum cabin fever we've all been having. Just what the doctor ordered.

So here I am, sitting in the Smoky Mountains, eavesdropping on my kids getting all "country." For Seconda, that means playing with bugs. They have an impressive diversity of bug life here -- things like Stink Bugs, Rolie Polies, Centipedes and other insects which all basically look like "Ewww" to me but which my daughter delights in adopting. Her newest foster bug is a grasshopper she found in front of the house.

Unfortunately, it wasn't really alive.

"Com'ere little sweetie. I'll take you to the swing set with me and we can swing," she purred to the grasshopper, "Hey what happened to your legs? Why don't you have any legs anymore?"

 few minutes later: "I'm gonna call you Honey, and you'll be my best friend. But why aren't you moving?"

"Don't you think its a little weird that Sec is carrying a dying grasshopper with her everywhere?" Primo just asked me.

I considered for a moment.

"I don't disagree," I said, "But just let her do it. She really wants a pet."

City slickers.