Monday, July 23, 2012

Come undone

I've come undone.  My bra, I mean. Approximately ten times a day.

Is there anything classier than walking around town with your nursing bra flaps unhitched, allowing your lacto-geysers to flip-flop around?

I honestly don't think I've remembered to re-hitch my nursing bra since I had this baby, three months ago. There is just way too much shit to do to recall that detail. Once the baby's done nursing, I basically whip her off, toss her in the stroller or the carrier and dart off somewhere else, and its only hours later that I realize one boob is like two inches lower than the other and that I forgot to snap my bra flap. So I do, just in time to unsnap the other one to feed the milk monster.

They should make an alert which reminds you to re-snap your bra flap, the way cars beep to remind you to buckle your seat belt. Then I'd get to be a classy lass with a respectable rack again.