Monday, September 27, 2010

First Day of CCD

This weekend was Primo’s first CCD class. For those of you not in the Catholic know, that’s religious instruction. Catechism. Yeah, it’s old school.

I’ll tell you one person who wasn’t too happy about attending his first CCD class.

“ON SATURDAY??” Primo yelled at bedtime on Friday night when I finally worked up the courage to break the news to him, “THAT'S MY DAY OFF!”

“I know.”


“Well, it’s not school. It’s just CCD.”


I assured him that the one and a half hour CCD class would not impinge too heavily on his “relaxation” time since he had no plans for the whole rest of the weekend.


Then came the question, of course, “Why do I have to go to CCD?? NO ONE ELSE GOES!!”

This was a tough one. I said there were a bunch of reasons but one good one was that it was important to me that he learn about God, because there are a lot of things that happen in life that leave you feeling sad and confused and lonely and when you believe in something greater than you, it can give you a feeling of peace and comfort in those times. He understood that and settled down a bit.

Then I bribed him with a trip to the store to buy part of his Halloween costume. That sealed the deal.

Funny part is, when we got to CCD, we saw a friend of his from preschool, who sat next to his mom with a terribly sour expression on his face.

“Is he in a bad mood?” Primo asked the boy’s mom.

“Oh,” she replied, obviously embarrassed, “Sort of.”

Then, when the kids went off to their classroom, she leaned over and told me that they’d waited til the night before to tell him about CCD and he, too, was pissed. That cracked me up.

When I came back to get him, he was all smiles. They were going to read about Bible stories, he said, and there was a prayer table with a candle, which he thought was rad. And his teacher turned out to be this super-sweet, down-to-earth mom of one of his friends from nursery school and she gave them scratch and sniff stickers.

“And,” he said, “We are going to have a BREAKFAST WITH SANTA CLAUS!!!”

The Catholics do know how to pull it out in the clutch.