Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Every Labor Day, because I am a self--obsessed person who can't think beyond her own experience to honor other people, I always think the same thing:

Great, Another day off of NO SCHOOL to celebrate labor by doing the hard labor of taking care of these crazy kids. Now hw about starting freaking school already before I have a labor-indced heart attack?

As usual, not sorry at all to see the summer recede. Its been a blast, blah blah blah, now I have work to do, work which does not involve assisting Primo in the creation of The Inside of A Dragon interactive exhibit in his bedroom. And these kids need to learn how to read and subtract and stuff. I mean, Primo does. Sec has even more to tackle.

I have three days to teach Sec the entire alphabet, make her go to sleep before 11pm and basically socialize her before PreK starts. If that's not labor, I don't know what is. Wish me luck!