Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ikea Baby Names

You know you've spent too much time at Ikea when you say to your spouse, "Stuva. Hmmmmn, Would make kind of a lovely name for a girl, right? Right? Or am I crazy? Should we name our daughter Stuva?"

Might be the fumes from the Ikea warehouse talking but seems to me there are a LOT of feasible name options hanging on signs in that Swedish furniture paradise. For instance:
Trofast: the modern day Truman

Expedit: alternative, punk rock

Hemnes: the name of a future avant-guard filmmaker

Mammut: boho, new-agey but with edge

Pax: come on, that one is actually legit

Stuva's my favorite though. David ixnayed it, so take it, its yours. Just don't say I never gave you nothing.