Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dispatch from the Storm

So, crazy weather we're having, huh?

We are safe and sound here in the Slope, all powered up, happily stocked on food and water and essentials. The worst damage we've had is to our inter-personal relations -- everyone is at each other's throats after being stuck in the house for two days.

Yesterday, day 1 of storm, we baked an apple pie, did seven loads of laundry, and taught Seconda to read -- and that was before noon. We watched a netflix DVD that we have literally had in our possession for seven months. Since before I had the baby.We moved houses and still, had the netflix DVD. I bet you're wondering what movie it is that we refused to watch for seven months.


Primo read it earlier this year and we thought it'd be cool to watch and then we just couldn't bring ourselves to have a movie night with popcorn as we'd promised.

So, thanks to the storm, we'd gotten our netflix queue moving again. We can proceed on to the first season of Gray's Anatomy or whatever thrilling masterpieces await.

Last night was intense, though. Lots of wind, windows shaking like crazy. I tried to move the kid's beds and pack 'n play as far from the windows as I could but even in our new place, there's not much room to play with. When the authorities say, "Stay away from windows," it always makes me wonder, "What normal-sized NY apartment has enough room for one to "stay away" from the windows? If there's a window, and you're in a 200 square foot room, you're probably near it.

But we're happy and relieved to be safe and spared. I hope everyone else is as lucky.