Monday, November 26, 2012

Something's got to give

When I brought Terza to her six month well visit, she weighed in at a scrawny 25 percentile. Being an Italian mother, my default state is set to "Is the baby starving?" and this did not reassure me. The doc  seemed confident that she's just a really active little sucker who's burning calories up through her constant cardio (unlike her mother) but still, I worried. So I resolved not to forget to feed the kid her solid foods anymore -- no matter if most of the food ends up on the floor rather than in her gut. As per the doc's instructions, I have been unfailing in delivering two ample meals to her a day.

Only trouble is, something had to go to make time to feed the kid. So she no longer gets dressed. The child has not been out of her pajamas since the doctor's appointment. It's fine because those footed sleepers are nice and warm and who gives a shit? She's a baby. But seriously. What am I gonna do when she has to eat three meals? What other family member will remain in their all day long?