Wednesday, May 15, 2013

F$@k, that sh*t is interesting!

If you've read this blog even once, you know I like me some curse words. "Shit," is a particularly beloved one. I mean, there's nothing like the f bomb when you're feeling really emphatic but "shit" is just a great, everyday expletive, perfect for almost all occasions. So, clearly, I am dying to read this non-fiction book by Melissa Mohr called Holy Sh*t: a history of swearing

Here's a taste of her work in a piece she wrote for the WSJ  which I found totally shittin' fascinating. (Yes, now I'm trying to be cute).

Maybe I'll wean myself off modern-day expletives by substituting with old-school ones that are no longer taboo, as in "By God Nails! or maybe (my favorite Shakespeare one), "Zounds!" It would be sort of like swearing methadone. But then, instead of offending people, I fear I'd just freak them the hell out.