Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why Parents Are So Tired

As the end of school draws near and summer "vacation" rolls around, I thought you's enjoy this post on The Real Reason Parents Are So Tired. I can, clearly, relate. I've always thought the sequence of events that occur during infancy to be a major lapse in Mother Nature's judgment: first, a woman should withstand the increasing strain and exhaustion of pregnancy for nine months, then undergo the Herculean trial of childbirth and then is immediately required to care for a creature that will not sleep more than an hour at a time for several weeks. How are either parties - child or mother -- supposed to make it past the first month alive and sane? What would have made a lot more sense if, after the exertion of pregnancy anc childbirth, the baby slept for 48 hours, uninterrupted, and thereafter from 6pm to 11am without waking, for -- oh, I don't know -- 2 full months. THEN, we'd have a fighting chance.

Of course, it would be good if all you had to do for a tight ass was click your heels three times, and that shit doesn't happen either, now does it?