Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Would you leave your kid with a robot?

Just read this NY Times blog post about Robot babysitters and population growth. As much as the cost of child care is making our bank account perpetually empty, I'm inclined to think its a useful deterrent in many ways: it's sort of like how it's helpful that freezers don't come with a free, lifetime supply of Ben's and Jerry's ice cream. Sometimes self-control needs a little help. But it got me thinking: would I leave my kids with a robot sitter? To decide, I drew up the following list:

Pros and cons of Robot Babysitters

You can't beat the value
They're always available
Exceedingly reliable
You don't have to give them fare for a cab home
Aces at discipline, have got that consistent thing down
Will make even the coldest parent appear effusive
Come on, it's crazy cool

If your kid needs a hug, he's up shit's creek without a paddle