Sunday, March 16, 2014

Christmas Revolutions

The other day on the walk home from school, Seconda saw a teenager smoking a cigarette and tossing the butt, still lit, onto the pavement. She didn't know where to begin her lament.

"That is SO dangerous! Fire on the floor? And he's littering! And why is he smoking anyway? Didn't he ever hear of Christmas Revolutions?"

"I'm totally with you," I agreed, "But what does Christmas have to do with it?"

"He should have made a revolution at Christmastime!" she explained, "To stop smoking."

"Ahhh," I replied, "Yes, generally they're resolutions and they're made at New Year's but i have to say I like the idea of getting an early start and maybe calling them revolutions will give them staying power."

It was one of those moments where I was reminded that though seven years of experience sometimes seems like an awful lot, it really is still just a handful of years. Such a little girl, after all.