Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disciplining Sharky

I like to eavesdrop on my daughter talking to her stuffed animals. Well, I shouldn’t say “like to”; its more that I can’t stop myself. The truth is, it is more than a little alarming when she disciplines her babies, which is often -- far more often, I think -- than she herself is disciplined.

“Time for bed now Sharky!” she says to her enormous plastic shark, at the tail end of her bath, “If you climb out of the crib, I’m gonna ZIP UP the crib tent, OK, honey? OK?”

A moment’s pause and then: “No No NO SHARKY!!! Somebody’s not LISTENING!!! Don’t climb out of the crib!”

And then, the moment of reckoning: “SHARKY!!!!!!!!” she shouts, “WHAT ARE YOU, NUTS? “

Oh, my daughter. Making me feel like a real gem of a mom. But you’ve got to laugh when she breaks out the Brooklynese. You’ve just gotta laugh.