Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Day More!

Yes, I am singing the song from Les Miserables. It perfectly expresses the thrill and excitement I feel, combined with a heavy dose of foreboding and dread. This has been the Longest Summer Ever and I can't wait another day for these kids to be off at school, being productive members of society or at least someone else's charge for a while. They need the break from each other; being stuck in this tiny apartment, constantly being shushed so they don't wake the baby who sleeps every two hours. has not been a situation conducive to sibling harmony. Too much togetherness. So, it will be a relief for all when Primo and Seconda get their friends back, and get their worlds expanded a bit.

But, of course, no one is excited for the return of homework and the mad race to drop off and standardized testings and packing lunches and bullies on the playground and mean lunch ladies and all the rest of the stress and weight which is Back to School.

So, I'm singing night-before-the-battle songs. Once more into the breech, dear friends, once more.