Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Toxic Bobsled

The kids are in my front hallway, where I've relegated them since the baby is sleeping and they are playing what sounds like a VERY fascinating game. Primo is coming up with a whole bunch of obstacles for his sister all of which involve her getting past him in the narrow hallway while he pretends to be supernatural evil creatures. He started with generic spooky creatures, so at first he was a vampire and a goblin and a zombie but then he just let go and transitioned over to really freaky things. What I like best about this game is how much Seconda is going for it, totally accepting whatever weird scenarios he sets up.

"OK so now I'm a toxic bobsled and you have to get by without touching the blanket I'm holding up," said Primo. 

"OK but what part of the body does the toxic bloodsucker attach to?" asked Seconda, "Like is it your arm or legs or your butt or what?"

Good God, this is terrifying shit. My kids could write horror movies. 

"No, no, no," said Primo, "Not a toxic bloodsucker, a toxic bobsled."

Because that makes so much more sense. 

"Ok now I'm an evil skeleton and in this level, I can take off my bones and hit you over the head with them and you have to get by without making any sound effects."

"OK, now I'm the Phantom of the Opera and I throw chandeliers and if you get hit by one, you're dead."

"But I don't want to be dead.," Seconda pipes up.

"Well, you'll only be dead for three seconds. Then you'll come back to life. By the way, if it touches your skin, you leak blood and the chandelier turns red. OK?"


"And then for the last level, I'll be the grim reaper and I will have a skeleton sword which makes me unable to bleed. He is your hardest enemy because if he wins then he throws a portal at you and you go through it and begin all over again."

A lot of the time what they play sounds painfully dull but this game is off the hook. If I had more energy,  I'd totally play this. As it is I'll have to just listen in and blog about it.