Monday, April 8, 2013

My 8 year-old just taught me how to use my iPhone

It has officially happened: my child, at 8, now knows more about technology than I do.

The other day, I told him we were going shoe shopping at Target, the which, unsurprisingly, he did not want to do. I knew this because he whined about it for no less than 10 minutes, after which point he quieted down, mysteriously. A few minutes later, he appeared next to my desk, holding a piece of paper on which he'd written, in his best penmanship:

"Notice: Target is closed. Copyright 2013. Any copying of this notice is unlawful."

"Oh look, Mommy, we got a notice about Target," he remarked oh-so-innocently, "Says here its closed."

"Nice try," I said.

So he went high-tech, pilfered my iPhone and about 10 minutes later, the phone dinged! and the following message popped up "Reminder: Target is closed!"

"How did you do this?" I asked him.

"Oh, I asked Siri to do it," he replied.

"You can make Siri remind you of things?"

"Sure, Mommy!" he assured me, "You can make Siri text people for you, and call people, too."

"Are you SERIOUS?" I was amazed, "Can you show me how?"

He was so elated to know more about my iPhone -- considerably more, at that -- that he got over the fact that we were going to Target. So, I had a good day on all counts.