Monday, February 3, 2014

This polar vortex is turning me into a ninja

I just realized something. Every week, I am dressing a little more like a ninja. It's the winter's fault.

At first, it was just the skin-tight black thermal base layer bottom. Then it got so damn cold, I added the black base layer top. Neck to toe, I was already full-on ninja. But today, I finally relented and bought a balaclava. And on the balaclava package, which I purchased from the ninety nine cent store, it clearly read: "Ninja Mask." That is, by the way, what I like about buying my stuff from the ninety nine cent store: they tell it like it is. Had I bought it from Land's End, they would have called it "heat-tech micro-fleece balaclava." But a ninja mask by any other name . . .

So, yeah, now, thanks to the Polar Vortex, I'm a head-to-toe ninja girl.

I guess there are worse things.