Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yeah, I'm so fancy now.

So, I have this memoir  coming out in June (hey,  why don't you pre-order it? You know you want to. How alluring are those sunglasses?). And apparently, when you have a book coming out, your author website should not be a DIY hot mess you cobbled together one night, where none of the links work and where all the different pages are in different fonts and sizes and where information never gets added or removed or adjusted in even the most minimal way. My old website's only value was as a time capsule, since it was essentially froze in amber the state of my life in 2005. So, I got a cyber facelift and here is my . . .

My super swank very red new website

Much as I'd like you to think I suddenly developed genius technology abilities and impeccable taste, I did not whip up that beaut. Credit goes to the amazing Emily Bouman, web designer extraordinaire.

All sorts of goodies on there, including a link to this blog. Confirming the belief that all roads lead to A Mom Amok.