Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Help! It's Hump Day!

News, readers! Someone finally noticed my incredible ability to find expensive-looking empire-waist clothing at discount prices. That's right, I've been DISCOVERED as a style maven and invited to join a new style blog for moms called All Kinds of Pretty. There are about 14 of us hot mamas blogging about all things fashion-related, mainly the struggle to stay in the style game when you're covered with spit-up, sleep-deprived and only ever interact with people under the age of 5. Lots of different kinds of style, all of it affordable, on real women with real bodies.

I'm running a column called Help! It's Hump Day! about little gems of style that will get you through the miserable sunofabitch stretch of time known as Wednesday.

Today's topic: Eat your heart out, Isadora Duncan. My head may be full of snot but my throat is rocking a Sonia Rykiel jersey scarf!