Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pastrami and Playgrounds

My daughter and I have an unnatural affinity for pickles. David loves pastrami. My son could eat his body weight in latkes.

Can you guess where we like to go to get our grub on?


After we've spent a small fortune on sandwiches there (is there gold in that pastrami??) we head down the block to Russ and Daughters for Australian licorice. Black and red. Spare no expense. Then we're really broke and we go to First playground across the street for free fun and fraternity. A perfect Sunday afternoon.

While we're on the subject, does anyone know another place to get amazing pastrami which isn't so insanely expensive? David keeps telling me Katz's is the best and I keep telling him its too much money so it would be great to find another
"best" place for recession prices.