Friday, March 19, 2010

Kids speak the truth, all right

Last week, Primo’s friend from school came over for a playdate. He’s a super sweet little boy that Primo describes as the “goodest kid in the whole class.” As we neared our apartment building the little boy exclaimed:

“Oh, now I remember. I’ve been to your house before! It’s really, really small. That’s why Primo couldn’t have his birthday party there.”

Primo set him straight: “No no no -- that’s not why! It’s because my house is no fun!”

And his friend agrees, “Yes, its no fun, but the other reason is that it is so small. You couldn’t hardly fit any kids in that house, it’s so little.”

And here I was thinking my 900 square feet wasn’t half bad and we’d made some room-enlarging design choices.

Can’t trick a kid with well-placed mirrors and sliding glass doors. Kids know a shoebox when they see one.