Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Circus Giveaway!!!

Since I volunteered for a class trip at Primo's school today, i am in total schoolteacher mode and in my capacity as such, I'd like to give you a reminder.

Do not forget, readers, about my super exciting, not-to-be-missed jackpot GIVEAWAY for the Big Apple Circus! Four free tickets could be yours. ANd I mean messazine, folks, not those shabby in-the-back kind (which I usually go for).

If you haven't entered yet, do so by visiting my original post. Basically, you can leave a comment, twitter or become a fan on facebook - and you can do it once a day until Friday, when I do the drawing at If you can't think of any more exciting circus memories, you can comment about what act you are looking forward to the most, or which one creeps you out - anything you want.

Class dismissed.