Thursday, October 22, 2009

Creepy Uncle Jerry

So David and I were in the car, driving to New Jersey this past weekend, and we were listening to an old Music Together CD from when Primo was a baby and we had money and time to sign up for fancy classes like that. It’s not what we normally groove to in the car but I unearthed it in a desperate move to break Seconda of her fixation with “Glad to Have a Friend like You.” I mean, I like that song and all, but it gets a little grating when you hear it on repeat play for two hours. Sometimes she concedes to shake things up a bit by listening to “Little Red Caboose” by Sweet Honey in the Rock, and again, while I think the song is great, I feel like Phantom of the Opera after I’ve heard it five times in a row.

So there we are listening to the opening tune of Music Together, entitled, “Hello everybody.” If you’re not familiar with the song, trust me when I say you’re not missing much. It goes, “Hello everybody, so glad to meet you.” And then the singers introduce themselves, like, “Hello, I’m Grandma Yvette, so glad to meet you.” There’s a male singer called “Uncle Jerry,” who David and I agree sounds like an unsavory character. He just really seems like the uncle you don’t want to invite to birthday parties, and his name doesn’t help. So Uncle Jerry sings in his weird sugary voice, “Hello, I’m Uncle Jerry, so glad to meet you.”

David says, “What a perv.”

To which I issue the rejoinder: “There are kids in the car! Shut the fuck up.”