Friday, October 16, 2009

Want to win 4 tickets to the Big Apple Circus?

Here's something surprising about me:

I went to circus school.

Its true. Alum of San Francisco School of Circus Arts '87. Specialty: Contortion.

And that's not event the full extent of my circus training. I also took a very intensive clown class as part of my rigorous course of study for the Theater major at Yale. I'm not kidding. It was a source of terrific embarrassment for my mother -- here she thought she'd sent me to the Ivy Leagues to become a doctor or something and instead I was prancing around with an actual red nose on pretending to be Clarissa Mount Tissa, and singing songs about tapeworms with my butt padded.

But I'm not ashamed of my circus training. Because the circus is about the best old-fashioned, wholesome, straight-up rolicking good time ever. People FLY. People jump through hoops of FIRE. People bend themselves into pretzel-y knots that make you queasy. Maybe its because I am still a kid at heart but I like magic and I enjoy feats of strength and bravery. I love the circus.

So I'm in luck because guess who is coming to town????

Big Apple Circus is setting up shop under the old Big Top near Lincoln. I've been oohing and ahhing at the Big Apple since I was knee-hight o a grasshopper. In fact I remember very clearly thinking, "Man, its good to be a New Yorker," because ours was a city with its very own circus, and not some po-dunk affair but a no-holds-barred all-star operation. Last year was Primo's first time to the Big Apple and he was so wowed he did simulated trapeze-work in our apartment for months afterwards.

This year, we're taking Seconda, who may very well leap into the ring and rock the high wire. And you can join us!!! That's right, folks, its a giveaway!

I'm giving away one Family 4 Pack of tickets with Mezzanine seats (No seat is more than 50 feet away from the main stage).

The Big Apple Circus will be held Oct. 22- Jan 18, 2010, under the Big Top in Damrosh Park (near Lincoln Center) and the winner will get a choice of dates.

To enter, post a comment below and share your best circus memory, or your (or your pipsqueak's) favorite circus act.

And if you're the ambitious type and you want extra entries you can:

1. Follow amomamok on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway to the hashtags:#BigAppleCircus. Then leave a comment under this post letting me know you did.

If you are cyber-challenged as I am, and this sounds like goobledygook to you, what is means is:
Go to twitter and type this in:

Enter the @amomamok Big Apple Circus in NYC Giveaway for a family pack! #BigAppleCircus

2. Become a fan of a mom amok on Facebook by clicking here or searching for "a mom amok".

Starting today, you can enter this giveaway once a day on this site, plus once a day with a Twitter mention or becoming a facebook fan (just leave a comment under this post saying how you entered). The Giveaway will close on midnight, October 23st and I’ll choose the winner randomly (thanks from the total number of entries. Winners must be living in the US to enter and be able to get to NYC for the circus.

Good luck!