Thursday, November 5, 2009

Daylight Savings Time can suck my ---

Honestly, who thought this shit up? I mean, I know it has something to do with farmers and harvests and probably has some pretty good justification but here is my opinion, in case anyone who is in charge of daylight savings time decisions is reading:

Daylight savings time is raw sewage.

I blame it for running my week. That and a massive, prolonged episode of procrastination which left me in a sour mood. But mostly, it’s the daylight savings time. Because the time change does not mean that I go to sleep an hour earlier, since hey, I’ve got shit to do, but it DOES mean that my kids wake up an hour earlier.Children will use any reason to wake an hour earlier than normal, especially that of bright lights streaming into their flipping window. I don’t have an hour of sleep to spare.

I LIKE it when it’s dark in the morning. I have spent so many mornings waking before the dawn’s early light with my children that I am in no way perturbed by the darkness. And listen, take it form me, there’s not much to see in the AM. At 5pm on the other hand, I’d like to run my kids in the playground for another hour until they are so exhausted they can not mutter a word of protest and can barely collapse into a heap in their beds. THAT’S what I work towards in the late afternoon and this infernal time change has dashed my plans.

Plus, look at the poor guy in the picture. Look at what a whole lot of trouble he's going through to make the clock tell the right time. He looks like he's about to get into a serious ladder accident, in fact, and if he does, I think he should SUE daylight savings time.