Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Fat Smash Diet

Have you heard of The Fat Smash Diet ? It was invented by Ian K. Smith, MD, the guy who makes former B list stars drop the pounds on Celebrity Fit Club and it consists of a few phases, the first of which involves you eating only steamed, grilled raw vegetables with 1 teaspoon of olive oil daily. Limited quantities of brown rice and egg whites are allowed. Oh, but you can have as much fruit as you want. After reading this, I was not at all surprised to hear, from my local listserv parkslopeparents, that it worked wonders. Nonetheless, I was more or less aghast at the prospect. When it comes to carbs, I’ve got to go all Charlton Heston on you: “From my cold dead hands, will you take this pasta away.”

I think this diet is an OUTSTANDING idea. I just don’t know that I have got the self abnegation in me. If I had tons of time to indulge in other weaknesses, like smokng and manicures and shopping, sure. But right now, it’d be tough. Especally since, did I fail to mention, for the frst phase of ths FSD, you can't drink COFFEE.

Let me repeat. I don't mean you can't drink vanilla lattees or caramel cappuccnos. You CAN NOT DRINK ANY COFFEE. Though you are welcome to drink unlimited quantities of herbal tea.

What good is chamomile tea going to do when my daughter wakes at 5am, like she did this morning?

I could deny myself meat and cheese and even baguettes but coffee? I would perish. And I am only half joking.

When I mentioned the fat smash diet to David, he said

“What kind of a diet is that? Do they just beat you? Smash the fat off of you?”

This is why I love that man.

But I did tell him that this idea of the fat smash idea might very well be more pleasant than the rest diet.

Anyone try it? And if you did, are you also the kind of person who runs marathons and never loses your temper? I just need to know what level of self discipline we’re talking about.