Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Now that's one kick-ass princess

Primo’s friend came over for a playdate recently and the boys were playing Spiderman (not his all-time favorite game, but hey, he dabbles in it, because who doesn’t like the web-throwing boy wonder?). Trouble was, neither of the boys wanted to play Venom. Then Seconda darted into their room, growled at the boys with her fingers curled into claw position in that patented Seconda way, and Primo’s pal had an a-ha moment:

“Let Seconda be Venom!” he exclaimed.

Seconda happily agreed and did, I think, a stand-up job or chasing the boys around the apartment screeching with delight and throwing herself atop of them with awful abandon.

Tough as nails, and often just as dangerous to play with. My girl may be a princess, ut she’s a princess that’ll disembowel if you cross her. Betty Friedan, I think, would be proud.