Thursday, October 21, 2010

The circus is coming (and I have a discount code)

I know I sometimes seem a little snarky, a tad jaded and acerbic. But, as I continually remind my husband, I happen to be blessed with an extra-ordinary amount of joie de vivre. Sure, I complain a lot, but I also can get uber-excited about stuff and today what I’m excited about is . . . .

Going to the circus!!!

Yes, this weekend I’m attending a Mom Blogger event at the one, the only, Big Apple Circus! The kids are over the moon, I am jazzed (do I really need to remind you that I have professional circus arts experience with a specialty in contortion), and David had agreed to join and put on a happy circus face even though he is generally averse to any destination which involves crowds of screaming children.

We took the kids last year for the first time and they were positively breathless (of course it might have been from the cotton candy sugar-high). The juggling! The flying trapeze! The clowns! Seconda was totally obsessed with Grandma the clown and continues to wonder whether it was a girl or a boy or a real grandma or what. Death-defying feats and gender bending, all under the same big top -- who doesn’t love it?

This year, I hear the show, Dance On!, will include unicyclists and lasso twirlers from China, Mongolian contortionists, gravity-defying, pole-climbing athletes from Kenya, and a juggernaut juggler from Ethiopia (yeah, I’m been waiting patiently for a chance to use the word juggernaut and now, thanks to that juggler, I’ve done it).

The Big Apple Circus blows into Lincoln Center today and if you, like me, can not rest until you’ve gotten your hands on some tickets, allow me to help you SAVE MONEY and SEE THE GREATEST FREAKING CIRCUS. Here’s a promo code you can use to get up to $25 off each ticket:

Online: and submit the code MOMMY11 in the Promotional Codes box in the lower left of the page.

By Phone: Call 888-541-3750 and mention code MOMMY11

Woohoo! Yeehaw! Yippe Kay-freaking- ay!