Wednesday, May 2, 2012


All you parents of big kids, remember this?

The kids think it is HIGH--larious when the baby starts screaming her head off. I guess that's a good thing. Soon enough they'll cease to see the humor in it. But for now, they think its so histrionic, like how over the top can you get? We get it already, babe, things are not copasetic. Enough with the high drama.

For my part, I'm surprised by how much higher my anxiety threshold is to hear the baby cry. Its not like I let her go on and on or anything but I remember with PRimo, within two seconds of him beginning to scream, I'd get apoplectic and drop everything in a panic to make it stop. My threshold to noise in general has gone way, way up, I guess, and I've also learned too that sometimes babies just cry. For no apparent reason. Unless you consider that life on earth is pretty much a colossal pain in the ass more often than not. In which case, there's your reason right there.