Monday, May 21, 2012


One of the kids favorite things to do is gawk at the contents of the baby's diaper. It never ceases to amaze them how supernatural her poop is. The meconium really freaked them the hell out.

"What IS that?" Primo gasped, "Why is it BLACK?And GOOEY?"

He seemed unsure that his new sister belonged to the human race after witnessing was was coming out of her rear.

Then it turned yellow. Which was even more horrifying.

"Is that POOP?" asked Sec.

"Is that normal?" asked Primo.

And of course, the consistency of it has them awestruck. And its ability to get EVERYWHERE. Infant poop can not be contained. It is vast. It contains multitudes. And for some freaking reason, no matter how well you put on the diaper or what position the baby's in, it always leaks out the upper back area. One of the great mysteries of the world.

After the first two weeks though, the kids ceased to be scared of the poop and are now just fascinated by it. So whenever there's a dirty diaper in our house, the call "SHE DID A POOP!" rings out and children rush over from all corners to see what the damage is. The best is when the kids have a friend over and then its just plain rubber necking.

"You've GOT to see the bay's poop!" Primo advertises, "Its yellow!!!!!"

Taking pleasure in the little things.