Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moxy Breakthrough!

So, after four days of Mortal-Kombat-style wrestling matches in which David and I team up to try to shove the Amoxicillin my baby requires into her gullet, we finally made a pretty impressive breakthrough.

She likes drinks it from a cup.

Who would've thunk a person would prefer to swallow liquids in controlled little sips like a civilized person rather than have it shot down theirs throats like a feral beast? Shocking.

I tried it yesterday after my syringe technique failed miserably, thinking, "What the hell? Shot in the dark but its worth a try anyway," and she was so cooperative, the picture of compliance. She smiled agreeably and put her lips to the little cup, not letting a drop dribble out. Then she did it again, and again until the whole dose had been ingested, in under ten seconds, with zero mess and tears shed.

So, I guess my take-away is, sometimes the hardest way is not the best way.

I know, I'm a genius.