Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year in Review

I know its not my style, but I'm going to hit the pause button on my complaining and be grateful for a minute.  2012 was a year unlike any other in my life, a year so packed with huge, life-changing events for my family and I, all of them positive, that I'd be a real douche-bag if I didn't stop for a moment to give thanks. I realize that its highly unlikely I'll ever have another year so full of big leaps forward and occasionally, even I have to savor the moment, rather than kvetch.

This year, I

Welcomed a new member to our family
Sold an apartment
Bought an apartment


Sold my first book

Yep, its true. In all the hubbub, I've neglected to spread the news that my memoir, Now I See You, was bought by St. Martin's Press and will be in a bookstore near you about one year from now!  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hear all my dirty secrets and some not-so-dirty ones, too. So get psyched (but not too psyched yet, I mean,  pace yourselves, because you've got a bit of a wait still) because I am psyched, and I am grateful and I am crossing my fingers that 2013 will be as good to me, and to you, as last year was.

Happy New Year folks! Here's hoping your resolutions last 'til at least next week. May your days be full of laughter and your nights be full of uninterrupted sleep!