Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby food jars are SO five years ago

The last time I had a baby was five years ago. Doesn't seem that long ago. But, guess what?  Shit has changed since then. Nothing big. Breast is still best and its back to sleep and still those DTP shots every two months. But little things have changed. Like baby food.

"Where do you get your baby food?" I asked my friend Miriam.

"Diapers.com," she said, "Its really cheap."

See that, right there. Eight years ago, when Primo was born, there was no diapers.com. There was internet, I think, but seriously, we'd only recently graduated from a dial-up modem.

"How much does a jar of baby food cost?" I ask her.

"A jar?" she snorted, "A JAR?"

"Yes," I said, "A jar."

"I don't buy JARS of baby food!" she chortled, "What is this? 1953?"

"Well what DO you buy?"

"Pouches," she said breezily, "Everyone uses pouches."

In five years, not only a new baby food delivery modality been invented, accessories for that baby food delivery system have been created. There's not just pouches not but little spoons which screw right on to the pouches so that you don't have to suffer the indignity of using two hands  to squirt the food into a spoon.

"This is ridiculous," I snickered to David when I googled 'baby food pouch spoons,' "They cost like $8 a spoon!"

And then I bought one. Because, you know what? Its a really fucking outstanding idea. YOU DON't NEED TO USE TWO HANDS TO FEED THE BABY.

It has enabled me to feed Terza breakfast which, up until I discovered the pouch and pouch spoon, was a meal she didn't even know existed. We're always so busy getting the kids ready for school there's no time for baby breakfast unless I give it to her right after drop off, near the school.

So, baby food pouch and insanely overpriced screw-on spoon? Genius.

Obviously, I need to join a mom's group. Who knows what else I'm missing out on?