Monday, February 4, 2013

Its the Baby, Stupid

I am susceptible to forgetting that I have a baby. That's not correct. I remember that I have a baby, but I forget that babies require a lot of work. I find myself at 10pm, blitzkrieged on the couch and I wonder, "Why the hell am I so exhausted?"

Or I'll see a mom at drop-off looking all made-up and nicely-apoointed and I;ll ask, "WHy the hell don't I wear lipstick?"

Or, as is most often the case, I'll go pick up the kids at the end of school or after school or whatver and I'll think,"Why the hell didn't I get more done today?"

And then the baby will cry and I'll look down in the stroller and remember, "Oh yeah, the baby."

She's such a good baby, so accommodating and pleasant, that I sometime sforget how time consuming it is to nurse her and feed her solids and change her diaper and put her down for naps and chase her around the living room and carry her on my hip.

So yeah, the conclusion of today's blog post is: a baby is time-consuming.

I know, revolutionary.