Monday, March 11, 2013

I have a brain and a uterus . . .

I don't often post pithy little quotes here but I was watching a documentary on PBS last night called "Makers: The Women That Made America" and let me tell you, that public programming GALVANIZED me. Meryl Strep narrated it (of course).

Its funny, I used to feel like I was so invested in "women's issues" back when I was a college coed and reading Betty Friedan and Naomi Wolf and Lucy Irigaray. But I didn't really start caring in a deep, serious way about what happens to women, despite the fact that I was one, until I had a daughter. Now I have two; maybe that's what I care doubly-much.

So when I heard Pat Schroeder talk about her experience as the first woman in Congress on the documentary last night, I was moved in big way. This moment, in particular got me:

Men used to ask her how she could be a mother and a Congresswomen. And she would say:

"I have a uterus and a brain. They both work."

Go watch the documentary. Then burn you bra. I've got to keep mine, however. After three kids, I just can't do without.