Monday, March 4, 2013

Telling the Truth on Facebook

A friend on Facebook sent me this link to a post on Kveller last week and I've been laughing about it since:

We Need to Quit Telling Lies on Facebook

I'm guilty of "fakebooking" too, especially via photo uploads.

"Mother-Son Dim Sum!" reads the caption under a picture of Primo eating pork dumplings under a chandelier in the dim sum banquet hall.

I didn't take a picture of us getting lost in Chinatwon for twenty minutes in the freezing cold or waiting in a throng of patrons for forty minutes for a table.

"All geared up for the Bronx Zoo!" reads the caption under the picture of Seconda, adorablye ccentric, in her puffy pink coat, Spyware Night Goggles and salmon colored tuto skirt. I didn't take a picture of me shouting at her to "TAKE OFF THAT FILTHY SKIRT  - YOU CAN'T WEAE THE SAME CLOTHES FOR THREE DAYS WITHOUT WASHING THEM!"

It's a carefully edited version of reality, that Facebook. Like the Christmas Card. We should institute a "Get Real" Day on FB where people post pictures of themselves with no makeup on and screaming at their kids and write real captions like "For fuck's sake, isn't the weekend OVER yet? When do these jokers go back to school?"