Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tragic McTragic

Primo is studying realistic fiction in third grade; he's been developing characters with likes, dislikes and problems. The problem part, he has down pat. The kid could write for Law and Order. 

He asked me to pass his realistic fiction manuscript to my editor so she could buy the book and get it in bookstores ASAP. I, however, told him we should test the market first via A Mom Amok.

So, without further ado, I give you . . . . 


"One morning, Amy woke up, she smelled the sweets from the bakery. She looked out her window. She saw her dad. She was sad her mom and dad had just gotten a divorce. 

Craven woke up. He saw his sister's bed. She had got lost at the beach and was never found. He was sad. 

Then, the most troubled of them all woke up. Her name was Agatha. She was born with a face deformity, dyslexia and had gotten mentally ill after her dad had a car crash. All of those people walked out of their houses." 

He goes on to describe how the three sad friends end up fortuitously meeting one day by the river. Which is what saves them of course, because no matter how miserable and downtrodden and dyslexic and deformed and mentally-ill you are, life isn't so bad when you've got a friend or two. As soon as they meet up, their luck begins to turn:

"That day, Amy told Craven and Agatha, "A new sweet shoppe opened."

"Nah," said Craven, "I'd like to go to that new video game arcade."

When thet went Craven saw something at the door. 

"Can it be?" he exclaimed. 

The thing at the door started running. Craven ran. It ran faster. Craven ran faster. It ran faster.  Craven ran so fast  he felt like his legs would burst. Faster, faster, faster!

 Craven grabbed the thing - it was his sister! 

It turned out his sister has nearly drowned but was saved by the lifeguard. She had damaged her brain and had gone to the hospital. She ran away from the doctors and played video games all night. But now she was safe and that was all that mattered to Craven. 

"Your problem was solved but ours wasn't," Agatha and Amy said at the same time. 

"Life will be hard but all your problems will be solved someday," said Craven, "Someday."