Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Lice Apocalypse

I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and I saw a link for an article in the Huff Post on  Super Lice

I did not read it. Though I love whipping myself into a neurotic froth as much as the next guy, I draw the line at the Lice Apocalypse. The only Super Lice I want to hear about are ones wearing capes and saving lives, I decided.

And then, a minute later, I clicked on the link and read the article. My self-control could use some work.

I was glad I'd read it, though, because my fears were totally allayed.  It's breaking news that the lice shampoo alone isn't sufficient to kill the lice? Not to me. I've apprenticed at the hands of the Lice Ladies, though, so I'm Super Lice Girl, with a wealth of knowledge and a hard-core stainless steel comb from Germany.

I'm also slightly immune to the Super Lice fear-mongering because, for years, I've heard about the original Super Lice from my grandmother. Those were the World World Two Lice and those were about as apocalyptic as you get. My grandmother basically was lice-infested for the entirety of her childhood, and so was the whole village. Then, she says, the Americans dropped DDT on the village and whammo presto! no more lice.

Kinds of helps you keep everything in perspective.