Sunday, January 11, 2015

Where To Pet A Dog

Seconda is a big-time animal-lover. We've never had one of those in the family so we're at a bit of a loss as to how to meet her animal-loving needs. We certainly can't get a dog or cat. The cat would be OK if I weren't very allergic to one. And I guess the dog would be OK too, if I had a fleet of servants to care for the animal and I lived in a mansion where the dog could have it's own wing, which is to say a place he could go where I didn't hear him. Neither of these possibilities are likely to occur, though. So, I found myself googling. "Playing with animals in NYC" and I found this:

Where To Pet a Dog

This webpage wins the prize for Most Useful Webpage ever. It includes such startling obvious tips as:

Visit a pet store


Hang out around dog parks


Make a friend with a dog

I guess it's what I get for running a stupid google search. Just as there certainly are dumb questions (don't believe those who tell you there aren't), there rare dumb google searches, and "playing with animals in NYC" is definitely among them.

Now. go hang around a dog park like a creepo.