Thursday, April 2, 2009

17 Syllables

I was going to call this a trio of haikus but when I googled “haiku”, I realized the form involves all sorts of complicated rules that I have no intention of following or even informing myself fully about. So here I offer to you a triptych of haiku-inspired poems.


Stop filing your

sisters’ teeth or

I will sell

you to the gypsies.

It’s not my fault you

have eczema. Blame Daddy

and his lousy genes.

The reason you can’t

watch SpongeBob is that Mommy

hates his fucking guts

And a bonus one, courtesy of Seconda. By the way, I didn’t change a word. This is straight from the mouth of the teeny poetess.

Oh, I hear the birds.

I better say hi to them.

“Hi!” I did a poop.

Go ahead, have a go yourself. Enough responses and we can get a poetry slam going here.