Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PSP Madness

Man oh man. Looks like we Park Slope Parents are making news again, and not in a good way, David sent me this link to a piece on Gawker today about the current hullabaloo on our happy little listserv. Whenever he sends Gawker pieces about psp, the subject heading is always the same, “We’re moving.”

The most recent fiasco involves a $25 fee for membership which the list moderators proposed, since the listserv has grown to mutant-like proportions. Precisely what they will be using it for has gotten somewhat lost amidst the flurry of fighting words slung back and forth, from outraged parents on both sides. I wish I had something incendiary to fan the fire even more. It sure as hell would make this blog post more riveting. But when things heat up likes this in Slope cryberspace, my response is to do two things. First I sit back and laugh. Then I press delete and stop reading the digests until the shit calms down. Who has the time to stay tuned in to this insanity? Who has the leftover ire? I’ve used up all my rage energy just taking the kids on the bus to Cobble Hill this morning.

Should the moderators get paid? I sure as hell wouldn’t do it for free. But you’re talking to the wrong person. I don’t do much of anything for free, except blog and care for my kids. Lately I have even been demanding compensation from my husband for some sex acts. Go ahead, condemn me. But when I need him to find my contact lens and he’s not altogether willing, I can offer incentive by promising a BJ in return. So no, I would not moderate PSP for free. In fact, we’d probably have to be talking about six digit figures to get me interested. The list needs revenue, ok. Where they get it and what they use it for doesn’t concern me much. Put some ads up there, or stop moderating so much and let spam in, or charge the fee. Whatever. Just piper down about it already.

In fact, I think what I’ll post to the list is this: If I agree to pay, will you agree to spare me the discussion?