Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mom Watson

One of the best things about my son is his sense of humor. Both my kids, in fact, are super high- maintenance and hard to manage, but the upside is, they're fucking hilarious. And I'm the kind of girl that can forgive a lot when I'm laughing.

Recently, Primo has created what I think is my all-time favorite Primo expression.

"Wow honey, how'd you make that tower so fast?"

"Elementary, my dear Mommy."

"How will you do your homework and play video games, too, before bed?"

"Elementary, my dear Mommy."

"How are you going to make a real, live clone with my hair strand?"

"Elementary, my dear Mommy."

Never gets old.

If I knew where to get one, I'd totally buy him a pipe and woolen cap, just for my own diversion.