Sunday, July 28, 2013

Down South

Reporting to you from North Carolina, y'all. 

We are drinking sweet tea. 

We are catching ghost crabs. 

We are boogie boarding and sand castling and shell searching. 

We are hard core vacationing, folks, and though I'd love to spare more than a few minutes reporting to you, I just can't. Contractually, I'm obligated to indulge in massive amounts of leisure. Apart from the work of parenting, that is, which allows for zero leisure. at least when there's a toddler concerned. Plus, let's face it, what I do here is bellyache and I have nothing to bellyache about here. Besides the three hours of traffic we hit yesterday, which I have decided I'm going to just wipe out of memory in the service of happiness. 

So, enjoy your week. I'll be stuffing my face with pork sandwiches and letting the baby throw sand in my face. Ahhhhh . . . . .