Monday, July 8, 2013

Real Mothers' Bodies

Falling under the category of "Totally Amazing Projects That Make The World a Slightly Better Place," is this new collection of nude photographs of real, un-photoshopped- mothers' bodies : A Beautiful Body. 

The project started when photographer Jade Beall, took self portraits of herself, nude, with her five week-old son and posted them on her blog along with a post about her post-baby body.  She was flooded with emails from other mothers wanting to share their own thoughts, stories and pictures . . . and just a few months later, she found herself hopping into an Airstream Trailer with her partner and her son to photograph women all over the country and try to capture the beauty in all of our unique, strong, sometimes ravaged bodies, those same bodies which gave life, and give it, day after day after day.

Pretty damn cool.