Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blast from the Past

In the process of packing I unearthed some pretty cool shit. And topping the list is my childhood collection of (drumroll, please) . . .

Garbage Pail Kids!!!!!

Just let the sweet memory of those words flood over you. This post is better than the original “I love the 80’s” isn’t it?

I have at least 5 dozen of these vintage cards, all impeccably preserved. On the top of the pile we spotted one that we knew would set Primo’s vampire-loving heart a pitter-patter.

Haunted Hollis

So, as rewards for good behavior, I have been doling out a Garbage Pail Kid now and then to the boy, and so far he’s received:

Haggy Maggie

And Alice Island.

Its not any easy job, though, to find cards that are appropriate for an anxiety-prone yet spook-loving four year-old. I was forced to rule out the following cards, for instance:

I hate to admit it because I know I sound a million years old, but I kind of don't see the appeal of these anymore. Why did I love these cards so much? Why did you? Enlighten me please. It is purely scatalogical? Working out some latent aggressions?