Thursday, August 6, 2009

Older than my years, it appears

We were on line at Bed, Bath and Beyond, returning some household items that didn’t fit our household, and to divert himself, Primo was showing his remarkable strength by lifting things– the pole used to cordon off the line, boxes housing George Foreman grills.

“Holy moly,” I said, “You are so strong! And you’re so young.”

“No,” he replied, “You are just old. You’re elderly.”

He’s not wrong either. I am only 32 and should be in the prime of my youth, but alas I am decrepit in spirit. Nothing that sleeping for two days straight couldn’t fix, though. Yes, 48 hours on uninterrupted sleep would probably even restore my abdomen to its pre-baby-number-2 flatness. After 48 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I would likely remember when to use an apostrophe in “its” and I might even be able to solve the health care crisis. But I guess I’ll never know , , , ,