Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chanel Shenanigans etc

So, remarkable feat of mischief my daughter treated me to yesterday. In the spirit of school starting, I’ll present it to you as a problem set.

How are the following items related?

The AC/ heating unit in our brand-new apartment and

The small bottle of Chanel No. 5, given to me four years ago by my husband as a birthday gift.

Clue: The bottle is now empty.

If you guessed that my daughter poured the entire contents of the perfume bottle into the AC unit yesterday, you would be correct! Our apartment now smells like Marilyn Monroe’s boudoir.

News on the big biy front:

As David was turning out the lights at bedtime last night Primo informed him, “2 +2 = 4”

“Yes, that’s right,” said David, “And 3+1=4, too.” He went to shut the door.

But not before Primo chimed in: “That’s impossible.”

Kid goes to kindergarten, thinks he knows everything.