Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Holy Grail of Sandals!

It is Wednesday and I'm stepping up to the plate at All Kinds of Pretty. I’m scrambling to meet a deadline with my daughter at home because her school’s already over (way to have my back, Montessori). My son’s been up half the night with a hacking early-summer cough, and when he’s up, you can guess who else is, too. I need two things: coffee and something to wear that makes me pretty and requires absolutely no effort.

Thankfully, I can get the turbo-dose of easy pretty I need. On Saturday, I found the Holy Grail of sandals. Yes, the quest is over. Call off the dogs. I’ve got the shoes in my possession; in fact I’m wearing them right now.

Saltwater Sandals.

Why do I wax so rhapsodic? Glad you asked:

1. They look great. In the five days since I bought them, at least half a dozen ladies have stopped me to ask me where I got my sandals. They come in a few colors – my local store carried navy, brown, silver and red. Silver is super cute but I could not resist the bright red. I generally feel that just the way a bride needs something blue, a woman in general needs something red on her person at all times. It’s bold. It’s unapologetic. It says, “Watch out suckers ‘cause here I come.”

2. They cost $39.99. I defy you to find a pair of sandals much cheaper than that: even at Wal-Mart.

3. They are the most comfortable sandals that have ever graced my foot. Now this is a big deal. I dread buying sandals because the people who design them usually have sadist leanings. Either that, or they are in cahoots with the Band-aid manufacturers. The straps that burn! The criss-crossing pieces of leather than saw at your soft foot flesh! The endless blistering! And while we’re on the subject, can anything ruin the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful pair of new sandals quicker than having all your toes wrapped in band-aids which inevitably became dislodged and then flap around in a filthy state of decrepitude? All I have to say is, I have no t had a single blister with these shoes. It’s a sandal miracle!

4. You can wear these shoes in the water. Let me rephrase that – not only can you wear them in the water, the company encourages you to do so. Get them wet in saltwater and they will customize to your foot. I’m not sure precisely what that means or why its’ so great but it is a big plus if you find yourself frequently in the sprinkler area, as I do.

And, oh, one last thing, Saltwater make kids’ versions too so you can, were you s o inclined, buy matching shoes for your child. The kiddie ones are even cuter and more irresistible although I do confess that I don’t spend over $20 for kid shoes so I may have to wait to score some hand-me-downs for the little one. Besides, he already has triple the number of shoes I do, that little fashionista. Sometimes, even a mother had to take care of number one.